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May 24, 2013

The Weekly Digital Round-Up: Happy Fanime!

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We’re at Fanime this weekend – for real! Come see us on Saturday, we’ve got the DMI/ Panel at 2PM in Panels 2, followed by the Project-H Panel (18+ only – bring ID!) at 9PM in Panels 2. There’s plenty of books to be won and plenty of great announcements lined up, so if you’re spending your weekend at the San Jose Convention Center, swing by and say hi!

And if you’re not at a convention this weekend, there’s still plenty of good stuff to be had. This Memorial Day weekend, you can snag 45% off any order of $60 or more from Akadot Retail with the coupon code “MEMORIAL2013“. There’s plenty of cheap manga in stock, starting from as little as $4, so you can make off with a whole boatload of swag if you so desire.

In the digital realm, Indie comics have arrived at eManga! For those of you looking for new work to read and support, we’ve got a huge launch selection of the best, from OEL yaoi to American comics, fantasy, and more!

And finally, if you prefer the convenience of buying through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, the following books are now available for the Kindle and Nook marketplaces: Body Guard, Clair Voyance, vol. 1, Dark Green and a Dream of Silver, Erementar Gerade, vol. 18, Erementar Gerade: Flag of Bluesky, vol. 1, Erementar Gerade: Flag of Bluesky, vol. 2, Happy-Go-Lucky Days, vol. 1, Happy-Go-Lucky Days, vol. 2, Help! God of Love, Lovers’ Licentious Nights, Maple Leaves, The Pain in My Heart, Paradise of Sin, Seiwa Heigh School Bento Club, The Strange Tale of the Twilight Demon, Welcome to Nyan Café!, Witch Boys! Vol. 3,and Yumeichi

Clair Voyance, vol. 1: Ruerune, a high school boy with the ability to sense alien creatures, and Pi, a girl science geek, set up an “X-file”-ish club to help the inhabitants of an alien world. A wonderful work from Singapore’s acclaimed manga artist FSc!!
convenience A Convenient Man: Meet Kitamura, convenience store manager, age 31. With normal good looks and normal good taste, a normal job and a normal income, he feels a normal amount of unhappiness in his normal relationship with a normal woman. Wait! There is a storm warning over this barren life.Meet Minamihara, younger man and part-time employee. Minamihara lives boldly, courageously. And he is the storm who throws Kitamura’s life and heart in unexpected directions.


  1. I think it’s cool that you are picking up jmanga titles!! I hope you pick up “Hataraki Kentauros” by Est em, too.

    Comment by Francesca — May 24, 2013 @ 5:53 pm

  2. Just between you and me, we’d love all the est em we can get – we keep getting requests for her work!

    Comment by admin — May 24, 2013 @ 5:55 pm

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