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April 26, 2013

The Weekly Digital Round-Up, April 26, 2013

If you’re a fujoshi and you, somehow, haven’t heard: Ai no Kusabi, vol. 8 has arrived at Akadot! Yes, that’s right, the stunning conclusion to Rieko Yoshihara’s yaoi classic is finally in print! Right now you can ONLY get it on Akadot, so don’t miss your chance! Grab yourself a copy here!

Our digital releases this week lean towards the dark and the thrilling. Diabolo offers yet another look into a perilous world of good and evil, while Magician heralds the return of everyone’s favorite stage magician and sometimes detective, Ryuuichi. Meanwhile, if your tastes run in more of a yaoi vein, then TORIMAIA’s Sadistic Boy 3: When I Wake Up, I Wish You Were With Me is sure to satisfy your need for rough, sexy bondage play.

And don’t forget to check for even more digital selections of the adult variety, including new idol photobooks and the digital edition of Ring x Mama, vol. 1, Joji Manabe’s hit hentai about women’s wrestling that isn’t afraid to hit below the belt!

Diabolo, vol. 3: Rai has fallen to the Diabolo! Ren ventures forth in an extremely risky effort to save his friend, but standing in his way are the Six Great Spirits. When these spirits converge, the world will be on the threshold of cataclysmic devastation! Is there anyone on Earth who can survive this ultimate struggle between good and evil?
Magician, vol. 4:It looks like Yukari is following in Ryuuichi’s footsteps. When Ryuuichi is incapacitated, she and her girlfriends step up and dazzle the audience with their sleuthing and wit. Watch as they use their cute little noggins to thwart the terrorists hiding out in London. And what’s this about Ryuuichi’s inheritance?!
Sadistic Boy 3: When I Wake Up, I Wish You Were With Me: Mamiya has Sarasa in his clutches. When Kazunari finds out what Mamiya has done, he sacrifices his dignity to save Sarasa and to expose the true Mamiya to the Principle. Meanwhile, Haruki sees the going love between Sarasa and Kazunari as something that will not include him. But while he makes a decision to leave them, Kazunari and Sarasa can’t stand to be without him. Will Mamiya realize that he is the odd one out, and will Haruki realize that he is very much wanted by both of his boys?


  1. Is the yaoi novel 37 degrees Celsius ever going to be available outside of eManga? On Amazon Kindle, Nook, or in Print?

    Comment by sevi — April 27, 2013 @ 10:11 pm

  2. It is seeming more and more like DMP is going to turn into a 100% hentai company. Which completely peeves me off. If you don’t care about any of your other customers just dump your other titles and let a company who cares about us non-hentai fans a chance to actually buy them D:<

    Comment by sevi — April 29, 2013 @ 6:08 pm

  3. I think the round-up is supposed to say Magician Volume 4. The links for it and Sadistic Boy also go to the wrong books.

    Comment by O — May 1, 2013 @ 9:10 am

  4. I’m also a little “ugh” about the massive amount of hentai in print while all BL got pushed. It’s not like there can’t be hentai, if it sells then do continue. Whatever keeps the company a live. But I still feel it’s a little unfair.

    I do buy some digital BL though, and that’s alright… *sigh* Really want print titles back.

    Finally got my hands on Diabolo vol 3 though… I’ve been waiting. It’s so good.

    Comment by seny — May 1, 2013 @ 3:50 pm

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