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April 5, 2013

The Weekly Digital Round-Up, April 5 2013

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It’s not digital, but no one would object to a cute unicorn…would they?! Unico has arrived, and if you didn’t back the Kickstarter (or if you really want another copy to share!), never fear! You can grab yourself a copy now at Akadot Retail!

In the digital realm, there’s a bit of something for everyone this week. Ever thought Twilight just didn’t have enough yaoi? Check out Dark Crimson and a Shadow of White from TORIMAIA, the author of the steamy BDSM series Sadistic Boy. Prefer a sweet, quiet high school romance with a dash of baseball? Check out Silent Voice from Atsuki Kyoyama. And if you don’t want to get any of that gooshy romance into your vampire action, we’re releasing Vampire Hunter D. vol. 7 digitally, before it hits store shelves in May! So check out this week’s releases, try something new, and if hentai’s your sort of thing, head on over to the hentai section of eManga for early digital releases of Love on the Job, vol. 2 and our first uncensored title, LoveHair!

Dark Crimson and a Shadow of White: Longing for his lost humanity, the vampire Endless faces eternity alone, save for his faithful familiar, the wolf, Soosa. Fate caused the pair to briefly encounter a bright eyed youth, and a connection was forged. Four long years later, the youth is now a young man and ready and willing to leave his brother to become Endless’ companion. Rei’s brother is not so keen to let him go, however, and swears to get him back at any cost. Vampire hunters, Endless’ own jealous sire, and personal guilt inducing regrets are all complications added to the unforeseen outcome of Rei’s turning. Is Rei and Endless’s love true, and can it overcome all obstacles to become the stuff legend whispers of?

Be sure to check out the next upcoming title in this series, “Dark Green and a Dream of Silver”!

JIVE: Himuro stumbled upon his classmate Tsuzuki’s secret hobby… playing with fire! Taking advantage of the situation, Himuro decided to blackmail the model student so he could make his secret (wet) dream come true. Unsuspectingly, Tsuzuki turned the tables on Himuro and started playing with fire on him instead!

Enjoy this unique, sexy, fun collection of no-holds barred love stories from Rize Shinba!

Obey Your Secretary!:When Masatsugu’s father spontaneously decides to travel the world, Masatsugu is forced into the role of company president. The plus side is that the secretary assigned to him is Shiroba, the man he’s madly in love with. But Shiroba only seems to see Masatsugu as his boss instead of as a potential lover. If Masatsugu pulls a few strings, he can win Shiroba’s body. However, Masatsugu isn’t quite as in charge as he thinks he is.

Obey Your Secretary! features three short stories of strong and confident secretaries who use unconventional (and sexy) methods to whip their bosses into shape. Also included are two stories of sweet office romance. It’s not always a bad idea to get your meat where you make your bread!

Silent Voice: Meet Hikita. Small, awkward and quiet, he’s the runt of the high school baseball team. His habitual glare scares off everyone – everyone, that is, except Imai, star of the baseball team. Hikita’s fierce dedication to baseball earns him Imai’s friendship and respect…and perhaps more than that, as the two spend quiet evenings alone after practice in the club room. Atsuki Kyoyama’s unique style and delicate touch fills every line of Silent Voice with emotion so tender you’ll lose yourself in Imai and Hikita’s struggle to understand and accept their blossoming romance.
Taimashin, vol. 3: Akamushi the Red Spider Exorcist has found an abundance of monster filled mayhem during his travels. Now in Japan at the Kurosawa family residence, he not only encounters a bullied school girl that he feels may one day make him a fine wife, but an ancient family curse. The Laughing Face is anything but fun and games, as its demonic minions wreak murder and mayhem across the centuries, affecting the Kurosawas and anyone else within their family domain. The enemy may be many, but they haven’t yet faced off against anything like Akamushi. Who will prevail and who will go the netherworld?
Vampire Hunter D., vol. 7: In a fleeting last breath, a beautiful woman on her deathbed hands a strange gemstone to D and asks that he deliver it to her sister in a remote North Sea fishing village. As D cuts across never-ending expanses of Frontier in search of his seaside destination, he is relentlessly attacked by wave after wave of mercenary and monster…all employed by the man who murdered the young girl. In order to grant a dying wish, D must find a way to keep this priceless jewel out of everyone’s covetous reach, and all without sacrificing his own life!
Your Gentle Hand Vol. 2: A tragic childhood accident left Mitsuki Etou with the mysterious ability to read others’ minds with just the touch of her right hand. Though this ability has long kept her feeling isolated from others—especially men—an unlikely partnership with wealthy university student Kazuhisa Kitazono may be just the thing she needs. But is Mitzuki’s association with Kitazono putting her in danger? This volume also includes the bonus suspense story “Blind.”

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  1. I wonder if a paperback for Taimashin 3 will ever see the light of day, also considering this is a DMG release now? What, seriously? I get that digital is the preference (for many, not everyone) nowadays, but I think it’s a disrespect to the fans that you release the first few volumes of a series in paperback and the rest in digital with no signs of a future paperback edition. I am also speaking of Maohden 2. Maohden 2 has long since been released in digital format, but still no signs of a paperback edition. I’m very disappointed in DMP. Come on, guys. I need my Hideyuki Kikuchi fix on paper, not digital. Make it right.

    Comment by Rumi — April 7, 2013 @ 7:43 am

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