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March 15, 2013

The Weekly Digital Round-Up, March 15, 2013

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The Ides of March might be upon us now, but there’s the good luck of St. Patrick’s Day just on the horizon — and on right now! From now until March 18th, you can get a lucky 7% off any eManga purchase when you use the coupon code LuckE7 at checkout! Good timing, too, especially for shojo fans. New shojo titles abound, with volumes 4 and 5 of Planet Ladder, the continuing adventures of Ryuuichi the Magician, and more! Check out this week’s new eManga, Kindle, and Nook releases below the cut!

Love Club, vol. 4-: Souichiro Hino and Itsuki Aoyama finally have a handle on solving the mysteries plaguing Seika Academy. Their Love Club aka “Ghostbusters” has members with all kinds of skills to use against the spirits and demons that try to make their home at the school. But then Souichiro begins having strange dreams about a young girl who keeps trying to warn him of impending doom. The next thing he knows, Souichiro is being transferred to a new Academy where there is another Love Club that needs his and Itsuki’s help. And what does this sudden transfer have to do with the Dragon Blade once owned by his father? All this plus volcanoes, earthquakes and elder demons no one should awaken…
Magician, vol. 3: Ryuuichi is back from his trip to the east, but he seems under the weather. He’s moody and introverted, very unlike the glamorous Ryuuichi we know and love. It’s almost like his personality is flipped. While that’s happening, a string of murders are turning the streets of London red. Will Ryuuichi be able to escape his slump and capture this menace or will we find out something about Ryuuichi that we can never come back from?
The Complete Guide to Drawing Manga: Light and Shadow: Bring out the very best in your artwork by learning how to manipulate light and shadow with the experts at the Enpitsu Club. Want to take an in-depth look at the lighting techniques used in 30 familiar manga scenes, practice manga inking techniques, learn how to draw shadows and reflections, or find out what tools the pros use to ink and shade their work? You’ll find all that and more inside the pages of The Complete Guide to Drawing Manga, vol. 1: Light and Shadow!
Planet Ladder, vol. 4: Orphaned in a war she can’t remember, Kaguya is happy with her adopted family. But chaos returns when a mysterious boy tells her of her past as a princess from another world. With her guardian, Gold, by her side, Kaguya sets out on a journey from world to world to claim her birthright. Courted by some, hunted by others, Kaguya’s destiny is feared by all… for it is her fate to decide which worlds will rule, and which shall die.
Planet Ladder, vol. 5: The future of the universe is in my hands. I didn’t ask for this, but it is mine. I am just an orphan. Unwanted. But now everyone wants me to be theirs – theirs or dead. My life in Japan was ordinary until Seeu and Idou kidnapped me and brought me to their worlds. Now I live with the silent Seeu, alone in his deserted palace. Some still call me by my name, Kaguya. Others call me the Princess of the Choosing. They say, with my black hair and blue eyes, that I am beautiful. But really I’m just scared. I must be brave. But all of my friends are gone! Where is Bambi? Who is Kagami? Will I ever know? Or will I die here with the rest of the Universe?

Don’t Tell My Husband, vol. 2
Kindle | Nook

Erementar Gerade, vol. 17
Kindle | Nook

The Isolated Zone: Shinku Chitai, vol. 1
Kindle | Nook

Come to the Infirmary
Kindle | Nook

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  1. I believe Planet Ladder was published previously by Tokyopop. I’d rather have any of these as in-print books on my shelf. The Tokyopop editions are readily available on Amazon, many of them less than these “digital” editions.

    Comment by Bobby — March 16, 2013 @ 9:55 am

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