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March 1, 2013

The Weekly Digital Round-Up, March 1, 2013

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A slew of new releases for our Nook and Kindle using fans fill out this week’s Digital Round-Up, along with some hot S&M yaoi, epic sci-fi action, and a mystery manga with a josei twist!

And if print books are more your thing, drop on by out warehouse sale next week, where we’ll be clearing out old inventory. Most books will be going for $5 or less, so don’t miss out if you’re in the Los Angeles area! Location, sale hours, and other information can be found here! Can’t wait to see you there!

And now onto the books – there’s a long list this week, so check it all out below the cut!

Pt. 1 -One Arm to Protect You-: In the year 4886 of the Space Era, mankind proudly calls every far-flung corner of the universe home. The united powers of the Space Federation maintain peace and order across these myriad twinkles in the night sky, and an elite, highly classified military division known as “Special Operations” handles the most extreme of disturbances. Isagi Kayworthy, a member whose carefree attitude belies his advanced psychic abilities, is assigned the new recruit, Asheid Brown, as his partner, but he soon learns that Ashe’s icy, aloof personality is the least of their concerns. No matter how he may try to flee, Ashe’s body and soul is hopelessly ensnared in the cruel grip of a mad scientist known as “The Doctor,” and Isagi has made the fatal mistake of touching The Doctor’s “property!” Thrilling battles, shocking revelations, and intoxicating love all await in the first volume of Futaba Aoi and Mitsuba Kurenai’s famous sci-fi epic, “Platina!”
Sadistic Boy 2: Game Runs in the Night: When a jealous classmate accepts the aid of Mamiya-sensei to hurt and humiliate Kazunari in order to get Sarasa to notice him, things do not go according to plan. With Sarasa’s sadistic, monomaniacal behavior unleashed, it may be that only Haruki can pull him back from going too far. But when the unexpected happens, Haruki finds it is he who is, quite literally, in a bind. Will Kazunari and Sarasa be able to move their love forward without danger, and will Haruki be able to supply the answer to both their dilemma and his? Love is complicated enough, but when one is in love with a sado-masochist, love really does hurt in more ways than one.
Your Gentle Hand, vol. 1: Following a tragic childhood accident, Mitsuki Etou gained the power to read the thoughts of others using only the touch of her right hand. For most of her life, this gift has been a curse, granting her unwelcome access to the dark truths behind people’s smiles. But when a chance meeting with a troubled co-worker throws Mitsuki into the middle of a murder plot, she can’t just let tragedy unfold on its own. Can Mitsuki intervene without revealing her secret?

Clean a Wound
Kindle | Nook

Don’t Tell My
Husband, vol. 1
Kindle | Nook

Get! vol. 2
Kindle | Nook

Love Club, vol. 3
Kindle | Nook

Magician, vol. 2
Kindle | Nook

Kindle | Nook

Wild Knight
Kindle | Nook

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  1. I saw that the Emanga Online Reader got an upgrade. Any chance the downloadable file quality has been worked out yet too? Your Gentle Hand looks like something I might buy.

    Comment by Rae — March 1, 2013 @ 9:41 pm

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