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February 22, 2013

The Weekly Digital Round-Up, February 22, 2013

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Fans of yaoi in delicious, ever-portable e-book form have a great spread to pick from this week – are you in the mood for the oddly sweet masochism of Shameful Body, or is the quiet, thoughtful romance of Love Makes People Grow more your style? In Order to Be Beside You brings fans a tale of sweet second chances, while despite its title, Sumida river Love Suicide is a sometimes hilarious, sometimes sweet look into the lives of idols and traditional Japanese comedians.

But wait, you’re not a BL fan? Never fear, we haven’t forgotten you — two of DMG’s goofy, supernatural adventures return with new installments, so check out Moonlight Kreuz and Witch Boys!

And as your weekly reminder, don’t forget to take a peek at our digital preview of Osamu Tezuka’s Unico while you’re at it! (unless you already have, somehow,sated your appetite for cuteness!)

And as always, we have idol photobooks and hentai in eBook form for your weekend enjoyment.

Shameful Body: When you’re a sadist and the boy you love is a masochist, picking on him is a pleasure.

Pain doesn’t affect Yoshie… no, that’s not quite right; it feels good! Sensei’s forceful massages at the Seitai Clinic are the best. But Sensei’s solemn and bone-obsessed son, Mikawa, is secretly listening to Yoshie’s breathless moans! Is it only a passion for bones that excites Mikawa? Yoshie soon realizes that pain in your heart isn’t the same as pain in your body.

Bonus! A young man loves the pâtissier who works at his dad’s café, but with their age gap, will his love ever be taken seriously?

Love Makes People Grow: “A child who wasn’t loved while small, when he becomes an adult remains a child.”

A timid art teacher, over forty but still confused by love, despairs of ever finding a companion. A love-starved boy watches the kindness of families all around him, but insists he doesn’t need anything like that. A college student living with his long-term partner purposely tantalizes a neighbor by loudly making love. A bassist fears “weirding out” his bandmates, so he keeps his life with his male lover under wraps. A contrary professor gives himself to a self-assured colleague one night, but it’s not what either of them expect.

Marry Maiko debuts with this quiet bombshell of emotional stories!

Sumida River Love Suicide: Once upon a time, two ridiculous failures met. Kumada, once a talented rakugo artiste, had become a famously violent gang member. Uneducated Ogawa, dazzled by Kumada, had become frustrated with his own inability to use anything but the simplest of words. Together, this unlikely duo sought their place to belong in life and in love.

Three extra tales of unexpected feelings complete this volume: one of sorrow and poetry in the early Shōwa era; another of close but distant brothers; and one that reveals the secret motivations behind the perfect… woman?

In Order to be Beside You: Kon and Waki were best friends, before Kon’s confession drove Waki to avoid him. Separated when they entered different high schools, Waki hopes things can go back to how they were before. Why, then, is he so upset to see Kon being friendly with a cute girl? Normal best friends wouldn’t be like that…would they?
Witch Boys, vol. 2: The twin brothers Mutsuki and Nanao are the grandsons of an ancient and true witchcraft lineage. Their adventures continue with a Witch Test, their grandmother’s second marriage, a wicked witch after a secret magical tome, and much more! Welcome to the second volume of this heartfelt comedy from the Witch Boy Twins straight to you.
Moonlight Kreuz, vol. 2: The crazy hilarity continues in the second volume of Moonlight Kreuz! Just when everything finally settles down, Gen and Hikari find themselves in the middle of another case with a possible connection to the Wolf Association. Gen is surprised to discover that his younger brother, Satsuki, is involved. Hikari, on the other hand, finds Satsuki with his major brother complex a bitter rival for Gen’s affections. With the added distraction of Claude’s return, will everything turn out all right? And why does Satsuki seem to know more than he is letting on? Gen and Hikari are surprised by the answers that are revealed – especially with the arrival of Gen’s stepmother!
Moonlight Kreuz, vol. 3: Gen and Hikari find themselves in another series of adventures in volume three of Moonlight Kreuz. Gen’s stepmother, Misono, is missing and Gen has more questions than answers. What is the real relationship between Misono and his mother, Sayoko? And how are they connected to the Wolf Association? Complicating the whole issue is Claude’s meddling and his interest in everyone’s business. What is his purpose? And why has Hikari suddenly gone crazy?! Read and find out as everything comes to an exciting conclusion in the final volume!

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  1. Another week and still nothing for eReader. Somehow I’m not as shocked this week. I guess I can look forward to reading this months releases in the year 2025 at the rate you’re releasing these things for Kindle/Nook TT-TT

    Comment by sevi — February 22, 2013 @ 11:15 pm

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