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February 8, 2013

The Weekly Digital Round-Up, February 8, 2013

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Some of the year’s first releases have now made their way to Kindle and Nook, so fans buying from the Amazon or Nook marketplaces can now grab those at their leisure! This week’s brand spanking new releases include the continuing adventures of sheltered housewife, Minano, one fantastic BL anthology, and DMG’s first doujinshi release, straight from the creator of Wedding Peach!

And if all these titles are too tame for you, we have idol photobooks and hentai in eBook form for your weekend enjoyment — right now you can grab Project-H’s Colorful Dreams and Extra Juicy on before you can get it in print! Don’t miss ‘em!

Also, if you haven’t heard, we’ll be doing a special limited presale of the print version of Ai no Kusabi vol. 8 at the end of April! And that won’t be our last presale before the official return of our print editions either, so keep an eye out for more news…

Unico (digital preview): WITH LOVE, ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE

A little unicorn named Unico lives with his mistress Psyche, bringing her happiness and good fortune in return for her unconditional love. The goddess Venus, however, grows jealous of Psyche’s legions of admirers and flings Unico across time and space! When he awakens, he’s facing down mean buffalo in the American West, with no memory of Psyche or his past life. It’s the first of many exciting adventures that will bring Unico face to face with high society in Imperial Russia, characters from fairy tales and Shakespeare, and even an automated factory intent on blotting out the sun.

Don’t Tell My Husband, vol. 2: Minano is back for more in the hilarious second volume of Don’t Tell My Husband! An innocent venture into the city for some common street fare leads our resident sheltered wife straight into the clutches of a ruthless yakuza gang! Kidnapped with her husband in another country, and her life on the line, what’s a girl to do? Whoever thought midnight snacks could be so dangerous?! Be sure to pick up this volume and follow our wayward heroine as she takes on the yakuza and worse – her mother-in-law!!
Come to the Infirmary: As an expert martial artist, Mamoru Sakai isn’t bothered by a mere scratch — yet he finds himself drawn to the school infirmary again and again. There lies the kind treatment of the school doctor, Chihiro Kajino, who’s oblivious to the not so innocent attention he constantly receives. Kajino refuses to see anything but sincerity in the words of his obsessive students, while Sakaki knows what they are really after. When Kajino’s blind trust finally lands him in trouble, will Sakaki’s skills be enough to save him? Also included in this volume: A high school boy resists his classmate’s affections, but can’t help but be drawn to this person in his time of need. In a struggle to understand his coworker, a store clerk discovers feelings he’s never had before. With the sudden addition of a new bunk mate, a ski instructor learns about the hidden depths of a person. A flippant comment throws the life of one high school girl into complete turmoil, through which she begins a period of self-discovery. And a police officer has a shameful fantasy about his superior, only to later learn how to appreciate the man for who he is, not for his image.
The Isolated Zone: Shinku Chitai vol. 1: A biological research station with a greedy, traitorous head researcher. A devastating earthquake. An unprepared government and an unsuspecting populace ring fenced and left to fend for themselves while facing an unknown epidemic. One young man leads a band of children and youths in a daily fight for survival against disease, starvation, and those who seek to prey on the weak. Welcome to the Isolated Zone.
Free Soul: Chihomi is a starry-eyed and impressionable high school girl working part-time at Coffeehouse Itoh. When part-timer Satoshi Nagatomo comes to work at the shop, Chihomi falls helplessly in love with him. Despite her advances, Nagatomo is shy and reluctant to open up, apparently trying to hide something about himself. The proprietor of the shop, Mr. Itoh, a middle-aged man with a sharp tongue and a heart of gold watches these events unfold until one day a startling and unexpected truth is revealed…
Love and a Sin on Kindle & Nook: Harada and Shibata were an unlikely couple in high school, and on a whim made an even stranger promise to meet each other again 30 years later. After graduation, Harada seems to have all but forgotten their promise. Now he spends his days as police chief keeping an eye on a Chinese mafia boss with a familiar face… Against all odds and logic, Shibata ends up back in Japan exactly on the date they promised to meet. Can Harada find him in time and catch the criminal who stole his heart? Or will his high school sweetheart rob him blind again?
Love Club, vol. 1 on Kindle & Nook: Souichiro Hino’s mother may be a world famous psychic, but she sure has trouble keeping track of everyday details. For example, that ‘wonderful’ new school she sent him to was embroiled in a string of grisly murders. All of the victims were male students like Souichiro. Nor did she mention that fellow psychic and childhood friend, Itsuki Aoyama, attended the school and was expecting him to do something about all of that. And then there was Itsuki’s Love Club, also known as the Ghostbusters. Somehow, his friend had gotten it into his head that a random group of kids – and one friendly spirit of a dead honor student – could take on and defeat The Seven Mysteries of Seika Academy, which actually numbered ten or more. Souichiro didn’t have time to object. There was a killer Sakura tree in the garden and a portal to hell in the Emergency Stairwell. If all of this wasn’t bad enough, there was that ‘connection’ between him and Itsuki. They hadn’t seen each other for years, yet everyone treated them like a couple! Souko Hino sure had a lot of explaining to do!

Kiss Upon the Hair Whorl (TOO HOT FOR KINDLE): Short volleyball player Nao hides a few secrets under an energetic and enthusiastic exterior. He’s insecure about his height and volleyball skills; not to mention his relationship with the tall volleyball team star and Nao’s oldest friend, Nawa, gets more than a little confusing after Nawa kisses him! Jealousy, growing up, and more than a few pokes in the hair whorl are in order for Nao to work things out! A story about love, growth and trust. Also, men in sports wear!

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