Ai no Kusabi vol. 8: Coming to you in APRIL

We didn’t want to keep you guys waiting longer than you had to, so have some fantastic Ai no Kusabi news! Vol. 8, the conclusion of Riki and Iason’s story, will be available on as a limited pre-release at the end of April! Hang in there, guys, the wait’s almost over!

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  1. sevi says:

    I suppose I shouldn’t hold my breath in hoping you’ll do an early release for the final volume of Tyrant Falls in Love as well.

  2. KeiKanna44 says:

    Fantastic!! ^_^

    I was so disappointed in you guys for all the delays but I was hoping you would release Ai No Kusabi vol 08 early for the fans who have literally waited years for it. I’m glad you did. I’m so happy right now. I just hope I’m able to buy it before it sells out. >_<

    I did want to finish Tyrant Falls in Love as well but this is a good peace offering until then.

    Thank you!

  3. seny says:

    Yes, just get Tyrant out too already. IT’S THE LAST VOLUME! :/ This is great for ANK fans though.

  4. Streetwalker says:

    Wow, great news! But I hope you guys will make it available before long through other retailers as well for international customers who can’t afford to pay more for shipping than the actual book… Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making it difficult for the fans to buy your titles just because they live a little farther away!

    As for Tyrant, well did you guys who are demanding the “final” volume know that the 8th book might not even be the last?

    Anyway, thanks for the happy news! :D

  5. ayanta says:

    I’d like to know when the book will be released..
    Thanks in advance..

  6. silvia says:

    I am pleased! I love this guys and I’m waiting from years the end of this adorable story, so crude, so dark and so passionate!

  7. Excellent merci pour l’info

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