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January 11, 2013

The Weekly Digital Round-Up, January 11, 2013

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The Weekly Digital Round-Up is back again, and this week eManga is bringing you new digital hentai (link 18+), new idol photobooks (some content 18+), one fantastically shiny fantasy title from DMG, and three digital editions of some of our new BL favorites! Looking to take the new’s files for a test drive before you buy anything? Check out our preview sampler, 100% free, and find out what file type works best for your digital reader or computer of choice!

Love Makes Everything Right: When Mizuha applies to a suspicious job posting, he’s welcomed into the position by Satake, the cool yet unquestionably shady company secretary. Suddenly Mizuha finds himself working for a company that peddles “adult goods” while the enigmatic Satake tries to get into his pants at every turn. What’s Mizuha to do when he’s at Satake’s mercy?
Caramel: Adorable Iori is off to Tokyo for university, and he’s got to find a place to live! When he quickly sniffs out a sweet (but strange) deal on an apartment with an older roommate, he can’t believe his good luck. But will Iori soon discover that life in the city has plenty of other surprises in store?
Ninth Life Love: 6 years ago, Koharu lost his beloved cat, Dorasuke. There is not a single day that goes by that he doesn’t think of his cat. One day out of the blue, he meets a guy and turns out that it’s Dorasuke! God gave him a second chance to be with Koharu – and this time as a human! But there is a catch- God made him a promise that he must keep… if he breaks the promise, there’ll be consequences…
Wild Knight: Knight of the Seal: Izumi is no ordinary high school girl- she’s also an excorcist in possession of a “wolf stone.” Sometimes, the wolf stone shows her a vision of a horned young man, a vision that always stirs her heart with emotional pain. One day, she is attacked by a supernatural creature and the mysterious young man makes an appearance to save her. When he murmurs, “I’ve finally found you, Princess of the Heavens,” the destiny sealed within Izumi begins to stir and a legend of the heavens is revealed to have crossed time and space to once again come alive. Will these starcrossed lovers heal an ancient rift within the heavens and find their happily ever after?

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