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November 2, 2012

Meet the Mangaka: Miki Araya!

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Despite his size and his super cute looks, Takase is a secretarial force of nature and the star employee at his office. His invaluable skill set makes him the perfect man to whip his boss’s lazy, good-for-nothing son into proper salaryman shape — until sticky things like love and feelings get in the way!

Miki Araya, the mangaka behind this sweet, sexy office romance, was able to spare a few minutes of her time to give us a quick interview. Read on to find out more about Secretary’s Job and Araya-sensei’s work!

  • What’s your favorite tea or coffee flavor?
    I like teas with a strong aroma, like Earl Grey or Jasmine.
  • What about sweets? What sort of deserts do you like?
    I like fruits or things that have custard-cream, I think I’m especially fond of those. I’d love it even more if it had both fruits and custard-cream.
  • Are there any places that you’d like to travel to?
    If I see some place on T.V. that has delicious foods, I don’t care if it’s within Japan or overseas, I start feeling like I want to go to that place. But I’m more of a home body so I usually end up feeling like I’ve traveled just by watching what’s on the T.V.
  • Honjou and Takase seem to be completely different characters, both in terms of personality and looks; out of these two characters which one do you enjoy drawing more? The cute Takase or the care-free Honjou?
    I generally like uke characters so I enjoy drawing Takase more.
  • Within the story, Takase often made very adorable “chara-bens”, bento boxes with cute characters made out of food! Do you make “chara-bens” too?
    I’ve never made any myself. I mean, I don’t think I’ll be able to even if I tried. I’ve seen how “chara-bens” are made and I think that you’d need a lot of patience and good taste in order to make those things. Seeing as how I lack the skills to even present my regular old meals at home, I don’t think I can fit all of those ingredients into one bento box so beautifully.
  • People keep telling Takase that he is “short,” but how tall is he anyway?
    If someone were to measure his height, he’d barely reach 5 ft even if he was standing on his tippy-toes.
  • What plans do you have in store for your next title? Would it be a new “office romance” that all of your fans are hoping for?
    Oh, romance! I’d love drawing that. But, even if I draw something thinking that it’s romantic, I already know that it’s going to end up being something totally silly that people around me would see as being “far from romantic.”

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