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August 7, 2012

Fujoshi Favorites Headed Your Way

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This past week we’ve got a couple exciting new fujoshi favorites in stock at Akadot: one by fan favorite CJ Michalski, and the other the long awaited 7th installment of Rieko Yoshihara’s yaoi classic, Ai no Kusabi! Don’t miss out on all the great reads in this stunning conclusion to YAOI WEEK!

Riki is back in Eos and under Iason the Tanagura Blondy’s power once again.

Under the watchful eye of his new furniture Cal, Riki endures being a captive again as best he can. Ignoring the hateful glances and whispers of the other pets in the salon, Riki escapes to the tranquility of Eos’s garden where he can relax alone. But Riki’s fragile peace is shattered by the reappearance of a singular Paradita hybrid—a pet of unusual breed—who is obsessed with a certain slumdog.

Meanwhile, Riki’s old friends Guy and Luke find themselves in a dicey situation. Kirie’s betrayal and Riki’s disappearance from Ceres force Guy to seek information from Zico, a mysterious data broker in the dangerous slum wastes of Nier Darts. Will the answer lead Guy to Riki—or to a truth about the Guardians and Eos that will shake Riki’s old Bison members to their core?

The Paradita’s obsession with Riki reaches a devastating climax and Iason Mink is forced to take action. Riki’s captivity reaches a new level of depravity as Iason proves once and for all that Riki completely belongs to him—mind, soul and body.

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When bar owner Tamaki finds a bruised and battered stranger in the street, he’s instantly won over by the man’s sad, soulful puppy-dog eyes! But will this instant attraction only spell trouble? What happens when kindness suddenly turns into something just like love?
The Man I Picked Up shares the sweet and sour sides of romance in stories filled to the brim with humor, hang-ups and hot connections! Can a desire to cut ties with a painful past help passion blossom? And who gets the last word in an all-out fight for their feelings?

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  1. I wonder if you will sell those again on this website :)

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