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August 1, 2012

8/01 Trivia Answers, and More 8/01 Fun!

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Happy 801 Day from all of us at Digital Manga, Inc! To celebrate, we had an intense yaoi trivia blitz that went from 8AM PST to 5:02PM! Thanks so much for playing with us, everyone, you all seriously know your stuff! Right now we’re checking answers and contacting winners, but in the mean time have some news:

If you haven’t heard already, Shoko Takaku’s I’ve Seen It All, vol 1 is now available on Akadot!

Handsome Dr. Chihiro Saikawa has the gift of incredible insight! But his faultless powers of perception are put to the test when he runs into an adorable salesman. What can the doctor do to get close to his heart’s desire? And will his hunch lead him straight into the lap of love? Spoiler: His incredible insight involves men’s privates — he’s a men’s health specialist, after all!

I’ve Seen It All tackles the sweet torture of trying to land the perfect mate! Can a jaded physician be cured of his workaday blues by a beautiful young man? Or will the tug-of-war to suppress his unbearable urges totally consume him?

Speaking of Akadot, they’re holding a pretty amazing 801 WEEK sale – from 8.01 to 8.07, you can get 8% off ANY order when you use the coupon code “801WK” — and that’s not all, every order gets a special yaoi goodie bag!

And now what you’re all probably here for: The answers for the all-day trivia blitz are under the jump!:

Q1702) Name mangaka that has published with all: DMP, Juné & 801Media imprints, and name a book from each imprint: Youka Nitta (Kiss of Fire, White Brand, Prime Minister’s Secret Diplomacy) or Fumi Yoshinaga (Antique Bakery, Don’t Say Anymore Darling, Flower of Life, Garden Dreams, Ichigenme, The Moon and Sandals, and Solfege)

Q1701) In COLD FEVER,a woman wishes to return something to Tohru. What’s her name&what does she return?: Satoko Kinoshita and she is returning 6,000,000 yen that was transferred to her account.

Q17:00) In GENTLE CAGE,  what is Sajima-san’s job?: Editor-in-chief, reporter and camerawoman for a local free paper

Q16:45) A DMG title:THE FAITHFUL DOG WAITS FOR FLOWERS,name the police detective in this story: Sagawa

Q16:30) In MY BOYFRIEND THE MAD DOG, what was Akae wearing when he first answered the door for Honma?: (B NOTHING.

Q16:15) Name 5 DMP books that has a word “LOVE” (or “lovers, loves”) in the title. ….there are a lot. You guys probably got five of ‘em. Just sayin’

Q16:00) In CJ Michalski’s THAT WAS GOOD, name all 3 characters on the cover.: Hiroto, Mamoru and Suguru

Q15:45) In ABOUT LOVE, what is Asaka’s profession?: Wedding coordinator

Q15:30) In ONLY SERIOUS ABOUT YOU, Nao has a daughter. Her name?: Chizu

Q15:15) Name ALL animals on the cover of CASTLE MANGO.: Pigs, sheep, and birds!

Q15:00) Name the book this cover is for!: Men of Tattoos

Q14:45) Name this book: A Bloody Kiss Tonight

Q14:30)  In NO TOUCHING AT ALL, Togawa was asked to transfer to what city?: Kyoto

Q14:15)  In yaoi novel LOVE WATER, name Misao’s mother.: Gikuyo

Q14:00)  In Tina Anderson’s Loud Snow, hosted at , what are the names of the romantic pairing in the story?: Anituk, Abalu

Q13:45) How many characters are on the cover of GREAT PLACE HIGH SCHOOL?: 6

Q13:30) Name all Kazuma Kodaka’s series that are licensed by Digital Manga Inc: Border, Kizuna, and Bad Teacher’s Equation

Q13:15) Name any 4 DMP books created by Yugi Yamada.: Close the Last Door, Don’t Blame Me, Dry Heart, Glass Sky, Laugh Under the Sun, No One Loves Me, Open the Door To Your Heart, Picnic, Tired of Waiting for Love, or It’s Only Love!

Q13:00)  Name these two characters: Junya and Atsu

Q12:45) Name any ONE artist from June Manga’s anthology, REVERSIBLE.: Name this artist: Tamotsu Takamure

Q12:30) Saki Takarai, Midori Nishiogi, Haruki Fujimoto, Tomoko Takakura, Goroh, Misora Hatori, Shiori Ikewa, Kazuha, Neri Koizumi, Saito, or Kometa Yonekura

Q12:15)  IN THESE WORDS is created by? Guilt Pleasure

Q12:00) beast&feast is created by? Akira Norikazu

Q11:45) In LOVE SOUL, Kei & Makoto get tricked by Satou in working for him. Where does Satou work?: A Host Club

Q11:30) Name the secretary in SECRETARY’S JOB: Takase

Q11:15) Name this book & the creator: Intense Rain by Fuwa Shinri

Q11:00) DMG title: MY YAOICON REPORT 2011, Inariya sensei saw “lots of” what at the bar?: Neko Mimi

Q10:45) Fill in the blank: FINDER V6- “_____ within the Viewfinder”: Passion


Q10:15) Name this book and the artist. Garden sky, KUWABARA Yuuko

Q10:00) A DMG title: WELCOME TO SMC- “SMC” stands for what?: Seijo High School Manga Club

Q9:45) In UNDER GRAND HOTEL, the half-Japanese warden, his name?: Travis Muto

Q9:30) Name this book AND the artist. A Gentleman’s Agreement Between A Rabbit and A Wolf by Shinano Oumi

Q9:15)From ZE. Their names? Hatsuhi, Tsukito, and Seiji

Q9:00) Name this book An Even More Beautiful Lie

Q8:45) A DMG title: IT’S ONLY LOVE- name these 2 kids. Ai-Chan and Makoto

Q8:30) During AX2012, DMP announced 9 new licenses. Name one: Caramel, Lies Are a Gentlemen’s Manners, Lovephobia, Juicy Cider, Idolhouse, Itazura na Kiss, Absolute Monarch Syndrome, Velvet Kiss, or Takasugi-san’s Obento!

Q8:15) YaoiCon 2012- the Guest Of Honor is?: Uki Ogasawara

Q8:01) YaoiCon 2012 will be held in what city?: Long Beach

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  1. omg I got almost all my answer right at least the ones I an sent OTL
    well good luck everyone!

    I don’t really expect winning hehe I have the worst bad luck

    Comment by Kohitsuji — August 2, 2012 @ 9:27 am

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