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July 20, 2012

KICKSTARTER: The Final Countdown: Triton and the Last 30 Hours!

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First and foremost we’d like to extend a huge helping of thanks and gratitude to all of our Kickstarter backers who pledged towards the publications of Unico, Atom Cat, AND Triton of the Sea! The response to this Kickstarter project has been and still is very overwhelming, not just in numbers, but in the love and passion that Tezuka fans have expressed. Really. Honestly. Seriously — you guys have floored all of us here at Digital Manga, and we’ve absorbed extra Tezuka excitement via osmosis from you all.

But, our fight isn’t over yet — as I’m writing this, Unico, Atom Cat, and Triton have 30 hours left on the clock and $7,000 left to raise. You guys have helped us immensely in making a lot of noise to see Triton through to the end, but in the event that our project does not reach its ultimate goal of $47,000, we’ve come up with a plan that will make sure Triton makes it to bookstore shelves one way or another. We just wanted to let all of you know now. So here’s what we’re going to do:

If the current Kickstarter doesn’t make it to $47,000, we’re going to take all the funds that were pledged beyond the amount that we needed for Unico and Atom Cat, and we’re going to apply it towards publishing Triton — right now that means $14,606 will go towards publishing Triton volumes 1 and 2. We’ll launch another Kickstarter project before the end of the year to raise the rest of the funds needed to bring Triton to press. Currently that’s $6,394, but the fight’s not over yet! Of course, if this goes to another Kickstarter, we’ll be introducing bunch of new Triton goodies and surprises to make the new campaign worth your while!

I’m sure at this point, many of you are wondering “but what about the people who already pledged towards Triton?” –No need to worry, anyone who has pledged towards Triton in this Kickstarter will receive exactly what they pledged for, even if they decide not to pledge towards the new Triton campaign. Pledged for Triton, vol. 1? You’ll get it. Same goes for those of you who pledged for both Triton 1 and 2. That’s your money we’re putting towards the book, and we at Digital Manga firmly believe that it’s important that all of you get exactly what you put your money towards.

31 hours left, guys — Go, fight, Triton!

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