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June 18, 2012

Experience Japanese Eclecticism with Pop Japan Travel!

Just saying that if you miss out on Pop Japan Travel’s “Alpha + Omega All Japan Tour”, you’ll be missing out on a lot of the off the beaten path, “only in Japan” experiences you could have with us! Curious to hear at they are?

Head to the charming Tokyo suburb of Mitaka to experience the magic of the Studio Ghibli museum. Stand next to Laputa’s robots, meet the cat bus, discover the secrets of the studio that brought you My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away (among other brilliant movies!). The Ghibli presence is exciting enough, but the museum grounds are worth a visit in and of themselves! The building itself is unlike any you’ve ever seen: Intimate, friendly and warm, it’s more like visiting grandpa’s house than a museum (if your grandpa was Oscar-winning anime legend Hayao Miyazaki).

Head to Comitia at Odaiba’s Tokyo Big Sight and be a part of a real living, breathing doujinshi convention! If you’re an artist, we can get your own original comic translated, printed, bound, and sold at the event at our very own booth! Who knows, maybe your very own career as a mangaka can start here!

Walk the busy streets of Shibuya and get a tour of the famous 109 department store – or if fashion isn’t your thing, swing by Shibuya’s monument to Hachiko, one of the world’s most loyal dogs. Hachiko famously waited at Shibuya station every day for his master to come home from work – even after his master passed away, Hachiko continued to wait. For nine years. Our hats off to the heroic pup.

After days of scheduled fun, sometimes you just have to unwind and have a nice drink – enter the Shimokitazawa Pub Crawl, where the PJT tour guides will take you on a stoll through the eclectic neighborhood of Shimokitazawa. At the bars along the route, you can taste craft brewed sake, have dinner at an real izakaya and see all the artsy eccentricism of nightlife in one of Tokyo’s most unique areas! (included in the Pop Japan Gourmet Course or available separately)

There’s more to Japan than the hustle and bustle of Tokyo — for the first time in PJT history, we’ll be taking the tour to Kyoto and Osaka for a taste of Kansai! Try the takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and yakitori that Osaka is famous for, catch a musical put on by the Takarazuka Revue, Japan’s renowned all-female theater troupe, walk the ancient streets of Kyoto and learn about Japan’s history — do Japan outside of Tokyo, and love it! As a special bonus, your PJT guides will teach tour participants some kansai-ben, the regional dialect of the area!

So don’t miss the opportunity to see Japan in a new light — join us on the All Japan Alpha + Omega Tour this summer, August 29 to Sept. 7th!

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