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May 21, 2012

Barbara Kickstarter Update: A Second Chance to Pitch In!

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“Le po├Ęte est un fou perdu dans l’aventure” – Paul Verlaine
After much anticipation, the poster and t-shirt designs are in for the Barbara Kickstarter, and they look FABULOUS! Project backer or not, everyone should hop on over to the Barbara Kickstarter page to see the full version of the poster above, or the t-shirt design, because they’re a true feast for the eyeballs!

If you like what you see and didn’t pledge in the Kickstarter, or if you pledged but didn’t grab a reward that included the t-shirt or poster, don’t fear! Until May 31st, we’re reopening contributions for those of you who want to pledge $60 to receive the t-shirt reward package or $110 to receive the t-shirt + poster reward package! We’re also allowing previous backers to bump their contributions up to the $60 or $110 levels to get these rewards as well.

Interested in jumping in at the 11th hour? Cruise on over here for full details on how you can still pitch in to support classic manga. Both the shirt and the poster are promotional Kickstarter items ONLY, so this is your only chance to get them. Don’t miss out!

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