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May 10, 2012

Meet the Mangaka: Rizu Natsumizu

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Good Morning begins when salaryman Hayashi wakes up in bed one morning, lying next to another man! This man, his business client Shinohara, is rumored to be gay, and tells Hayashi that while they were drunk the night before, they had a passionate rendezvous..!

We got the chance to ask Good Morning author Ritsu Natsumizu a few questions about herself and her work – check it out! Did you know she’s a big fan of American comics?

  • · What’s your favorite part about drawing salaryman stories?
    The fact that I can depict the emotions and lifestyles of normal, average people who are just like me.
  • · You wrote a whole story about melon bread! Are you as obsessed with it as Fujino is? What’s your favorite snack?
    I love melon bread! I love all sweets but my favorite has to be chocolate. Kit Kats & chocolate covered cookies are the best.
  • · Do you listen to music while working on manga? If so, what kind?
    I listen to the radio while drawing but then switch to pop music during the lettering process so I can concentrate on the dialogue. Some of my favorite bands include Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, the Flaming Lips, Jonsi, and Miniature Tigers. I listen to MIKA or the Red Hot Chili peppers when I want to get fired up and Oasis or the Beatles when I feel like singing along. I enjoy all sorts of genres and listen to any kind of music as long as the melody is up-tempo and beautiful.
  • · Apart from yourself, who’s your favorite manga artist?
    I read a lot of American comics and I truly enjoy the work by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Superman for All Seasons is one of my all-time favorites.

Don’t miss out on Natsumizu-sensei’s Good Morning – find out how Hayashi and Shinohara handle the aftermath of their supposed drunken exploits, plus read about an epic, workplace melon bread war! You can grab the book on Akadot now!

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