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April 26, 2012

Meet the Mangaka: Kemuri Karakara

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To celebrate the recent release of Replica, vol. 2 and Countdown 7 Days, vol. 2, we got the chance to speak briefly with the mangaka, Kemuri Karakara, and find out a bit more about Karakara-sensei’s thoughts and tastes!

  • There are a lot of characters with cool outfits in COUNTDOWN 7 DAYS. Who’s your favorite to draw?
    Hanasuke. He’s full of emotion and energy. I was able to dress him up in a variety of fashionable apparel as well.
  • How about your favorite character to draw in Replica? :D
    Shirahime. I enjoy drawing girls because it’s a good change of pace from drawing bad boys all the time. lol.
  • Why did you decide to draw a manga about the underworld and the after life?
    The fear of death sometimes really bothers me since death is absolute nothingness. That concept really freaks me out. I hope that the afterworld is as fun as the world we currently live in so my wish is expressed throughout the series.
  • There’s a lot of fantasy and fairy tale themes in your manga! What’s your favorite fairy tale?
    I love all fairy tales but my favorites are “The Little Mermaid”, “Snow White” and “Aladdin”.
  • When did you first get interested in drawing manga?
    3rd grade Elementary school. My entry point was anime but then later expanded to manga so I started off mimicking drawings.
  • Apart from yourself, who’s your favorite manga artist?
    Kazuhiro Fujita. He is my idol.
  • Do you listen to any music while you work on manga? What’s your favorite band or artist?
    Yes and I also listen to standup comedies. My favorite Japanese bands include UVERworld, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, and RADWIMPS. I also enjoy music by Bon Jovi and BIGBANG, a boy band group from South Korea.

PS: If you haven’t checked our Karakara-sensei’s books, you’re missing out. You can grab previews of Countdown 7 Days, vol. 1 and Replica, vol. 1 on – they’re both series guaranteed to sate your shonen manga craving!


  1. I absolutely love both Countdown 7 Days and Replica! It’s somehow different from every other manga out there and the art style is wonderful! Reading about things like the afterlife and a fantastical world of dolls fighting their creator is like a breath of fresh air among all the high school drama manga available. PLEASE, please, please bring more of Karakara Kemuri’s work to us! I will undoubtedly purchase them all :D

    Comment by Amy — April 30, 2012 @ 9:25 am

  2. Agreee!! I love the manga very much! It’s greaat, both artwork and the story. The plot of the story itself not too much complicated but still deep and natural. I like it! I like the way Karakara Kemuri-san tell the story. I like Replica and Takeru most. They’re awesome. But replica still not publised in my country so I really appreciated you all for bring us the manga chapter online. Thank you very much :)

    Comment by Kaguya T Fearn — September 27, 2014 @ 4:39 am

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