The Weekly Digital Round-up!

Don’t miss a single digital release! Check out what we have on Nook, Kindle, and eManga this week!

  • Cheap Chase Kindle | Nook
  • A Passion of Oranges Nook
  • An Abandoned Cat’s House Nook
  • Erementar Gerade, vol. 1 eManga
  • Erementar Gerade, vol. 2 eManga

You might notice that there aren’t as many Kindle links this week – unfortunately, we’ve run into a couple censorship issues with Kindle that we’re currently working to resolve. If you can’t wait to grab a title, Nook has a free desktop reader application that you can download to read manga there!

3 Responses to “The Weekly Digital Round-up!”

  1. gerofan says:

    With all the many digital releases recently; are these releases not going to be printed and just remain as digital releases? Or will there still be printed versions? Because I’m planning to wait for printed versions of certain mangas instead of buying the digital copy…

  2. admin says:

    Anything with the DMG logo on the cover is currently only licensed for digital release

  3. sevi says:

    And just when I thought Amazon had gotten over that whole uber-censorship crap.
    Had to sign up to nook and it totally stinks. Hope this gets resolved once and for all.

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