YaoiCon 2012 Dates Announced

Hotel, registration, and further convention details coming soon. Save the date!

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  1. Kakashi (2011 Yoicon Bishounen) says:

    Please visit the yaoicon FB page. There is a long post by myself and fans about the slow trickle of information about yaoicon 2012 and the growing apprehension among fans and former bishounen. It is in the organizer’s best interest to engage the audience very soon, not only on hotel details, but on the schedule of events. Many are worried that the new venue will delete fan favorites like the auction and bingo or put a real lock-down on public displays of yaoi affection and somewhat revealing cosplays. I sincerely hope this change is for the better and I’m willing to give it a chance, but the lack of information indicates things may not be well organized. Please release information soon. It will cost me a lot of money to fly across the country for this con, so I would like it to be well organized and worth the trip. The link to the fans FB page is below:


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