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December 19, 2011

ANIME CEL ART 101: Tools that make it happen, Part 1

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Acetate Sheet: cels were originally made out of celluloid, hence the name, but later replaced by the more durable acetate film. They’re offered in a multitude of sizes.

Special Cel Paint: 2 types exist in Japan, which are the Toei Animation ver. & the Animex ver.

Special dip or tracing pen: a.k.a the G-pen (I’m serious, that’s what it’s called!) in Japan, they are perfect for tracing since they don’t scratch up the acetate surface.

Watercolor Paint Brush: a brush with a firmer tip is favorable (That’s what she said… LOL!).

Glass Muddler: preferably a sleeker model (almost like a drink stirrer) since it’ll be used to mix the cel paint.

“Hooray!! \(^o ^)/” to the kick-off of the new anime cel art miniseries. The next tutorial will continue to introduce you more tools of the trade.

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