New from DMG: Rainy Day Love


Rainy Day Love

One rainy day, Yuta Yoshizawa is working at his family’s senbei shop when a member of his old high school club, Shizuno, appears. Even though they are merely acquaintances, Shizuno begins visiting the shop every few days, which rekindles Yuta’s secret interest that has been smoldering since high school. The sweetest, sexiest, and most heartwarming story is here! We also present to you a love story that spans 20 years between Shoichi, Yuta’s dependable older brother, and his wild childhood friend, Seigo.


Translated by Elina Ishikawa; Edited by Mia Chiresa; Lettered by Mia Chiresa

2 Responses to “New from DMG: Rainy Day Love”

  1. khauzy says:

    please make this available as a print. i hate ereaders. it takes away from the ‘manga experience’

  2. Disappointed says:

    I agree with Khauzy. I’ve been buying all of your print releases because you are the only BL published left in English and I want to support you but… man, so many titles are just digital format. Who wants to pay to read something online only when there are scanlations of better series available for free?

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