Meet Makoto Tateno!

Pop Japan Travel’s Fujoshi Paradise Tour is back! Yaoi fans should check out this opportunity to visit Japan and meet one of the top yaoi manga artists, Makoto Tateno!

The tour runs from May 13 to May 21, and will take you to places such as Otome Road, a yaoi butler cafe, Akihabara, and Nakano! You’ll also get a chance to see the Studio Ghibli Museum, watch the Muscle Musical, and meet manga artist Makoto Tateno, who is the author of Hero Heel, Yellow, Steal Moon, and more! You can also extend your trip to visit Kyoto and Osaka!

The deadline for the tour is March 31, but if you sign before the end of this month, you get an early bird discount! Check out the tour page for more details.

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  3. AAAAHHH!!! So excited for the Minneapolis date!! Can’t wait to see the show!

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