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Because of you all, Alabaster in English WILL see the light of day THIS YEAR. I'm so excited for all of us. Thank you for believing in this project; I know your money is important to you, and I want to thank you for deciding that Alabaster is worth it.

It is worth it! If you have the energy and continued support, please keep our momentum going! Tell your friends; tell your friends' friends! There's still time to get your copies of Alabaster and our other print titles. ^_______^

Every $2 helps!

No kidding; we are now 97% FUNDED.

If our current Alabaster Kickstarter backers added just $2 to their pledge OR got someone they know to pledge just $2, we'd be right as rain RIGHT NOW! We have just over 24 hours left, so let's all pull in this (metaphorical) shark and bring Alabaster to the English-reading world. ^_^

AND, don't forget about our great new tiers and ADD ON options.

Update #10: Adding on individual Tezuka books
Update #7: ADD ONs are coming to a Kickstarter near you!
Update #6: Three BRAND NEW tiers just for you!

Backer Spotlight: There's still time to become Infamous!

"Alabaster is a story I've been waiting to read for seven years. If we do not succeed, I have no idea how much longer I will have to wait." ---Linnea Harper, 'Infamous' Alabaster backer

Like all of our wonderful backers during this Kickstarter campaign to publish and print Alabaster, Linnea is one of a kind in the best kind of way! "Hello, my name is Linnea," she says, "and I am a geek." Her favorite manga-ka---aside from Osamu Tezuka, of course---are Moto Hagio, Naoki Urwasawa, Fumi Yoshinaga, and CLAMP. She loves live music and has a weakness for songs about werewolves. (Any good werewolf song suggestions you can share with us, Linnea?) As always, we jumped right in with the God of Manga himself, Osamu Tezuka.

Adding on individual Tezuka books

We've gotten several requests for an ADD ON option that allows backers to choose which of the previous Tezuka titles they'd like to add to their Alabaster Kickstarter contribution. Here's what you've been waiting for! In addition to the current ADD ONs list, you can get the following:

$14 each Ludwig B vol.1-2 Digital
$13 Triton of the Sea vol.1 Digital
$13 Triton of the Sea vol.2 Digital
$13 Captain Ken vol.1 Digital
$13 Captain Ken vol.2 Digital
$16 Swallowing the Earth Digital
$13 Barbara Digital
$22 Unico Digital
$8 Atomcat Digital
$8 Brave Dan Digital
$5 Any one issue of Weekly Astro Boy Magazine

$35 for the set: Ludwig B vol.1-2 Print (FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING)
$30 for the set: Captain Ken vol.1 and vol.2 Print (FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING)
Please add $7 for each set for international shipping.

As always, please message us with your choices after you add the total amount to your pledge and we'll make a note of it on our end and send you a confirmation.

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